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AV Tech are specialists in the installation of Integrated Reception Systems and distribution of analogue and digital terrestrial signals, Satellite IF, FM stereo and D.A.B. radio into high density sites such as Hotels, new build or replacement MDU's and retail display areas, using the following systems.


Master Antenna Television M.A.T.V. systems provide terrestrial television and radio reception for multi-occupied dwellings, from single blocks to complete estates. In 2012, analogue television services will be switched off and many of the existing systems will require a degree of modification, in order to provide the reception for digital signals. It is important that planning to install channel converters and processors for more complex sites begins now.

Satellite Master Antenna Television S.M.A.T.V. systems distribute terrestrial and satellite signals to communal buildings, thereby eliminating the installation of unauthorised aerial and
satellite dishes.

Satellite signals are delivered either at intermediate frequencies (IF), which enables the user to connect a satellite receiver to the system or at UHF frequencies, which allows direct tuning of channels to televisions. The latter system is popular in hotels, hospitals, holiday parks or anywhere that it is not practical to install individual satellite receivers.
Integrated Reception Services I.R.S. are the latest development for communal television systems initiated by BSKYB and adopted by the Digital Television Group.

These systems provide a multitude of services, comprising analogue and digital terrestrial television and radio reception. They also offer additional facilities such as closed circuit television.

These modern systems benefit from using a five cable back bone system configured with star wired distribution networks, which deliver all services on a single cable.

Systems can also be expanded and designed to offer complete transparency of satellite distribution with enhanced Digital Satellite Equipment Control DiSEqC switching applications, which are now becoming the standard for many types of equipment.


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