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Reliable high speed Wi-Fi and hard wired internet access has now become a necessity for all walks of life, and is the back bone of any Smart Home. We use it for simple communication, to catch up on TV, to work securely, to monitor our properties, and plan our lives.

Our solutions will provide you with a hard wired data network to all areas using structured cabling, whether it be CAT5, CAT6, or even fibre. This simple, yet effective approach, allows a variety of services to be sent around your home or business.

A data network will allow you to share music, files, photographs and films between computers, and share printers and scanners, whilst allowing secure strong wireless signals to all areas for convenient and fast internet browsing.
A more advanced installation will rely on a solid data network for the correct and reliable operation of the audio visual and automation systems which is an often overlooked element, but a truly essential one. In these scenarios, normal network equipment is not sufficient, and commercial grade set ups are required. Our designers will always specify the most suitable level of equipment for your installation.

A secure network also allows our engineers to provide service to your system, securely and remotely from our offices, meaning routine maintenance and problem solving can be completed far quicker and with less inconvenience to you.

A well designed structured cabling system will ensure long term value, expandability, and functionality for your home/Business, now, and in many years to come.
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