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Digital Signage
is a very effective medium for getting your information out into this busy world we live in. The very nature of the moving displays grabs attention and cuts through the visual noise that surrounds us. Due to the reduction in the cost of hardware and infrastructure there has never been a better time to take advantage of digital signage solutions

Our technology behind the systems effectively allows full management of each and every display. This allows almost instant up date and control, effectively cutting marketing expenditure by putting the right message out at the right time to target the best audience.

From simple LCD based menu boards, retail digital marketing displays, through to large video walls

The variety of digital signage software available starts at simple and cost effective all-in-one units designed around solid state hardware for reliability. These are super easy to update and manage for non-technical staff,

In the high end software systems we have available are the most sophisticated functions that has endless possibilities such as;

  • Remote view of what is displaying on the screen live back to the management console
  • Integration with other computer systems to automate the displaying of information from outside the digital signage software (such as pricing, statistics, call centre data)
  • Rules to automatically make changes to the frequency content is displayed
  • Remote reboot of the player
  • Full reporting to determine the effectiveness of the content against sales figures
  • And the list goes onů

In fact there is not much you can not do with the software. If you request something that is not available in its standard feature set then there is an API to customise it!

Some of the best uses for Digital Advertising are;

  • retail signage
  • menu boards for Restaurants and Fast Food
  • internal message boards
  • customer information to assist sales staff in presenting products
  • way-finding screens for customers and visitors


AV Tech custom designs systems specific to each customers demands. We are agents for the worlds leading manufacturers and suppliers of all types of Signage and Queuing systems.

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