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Live event Streaming is ideal for events where timing and interactivity are of the essence. We can provide solutions for any and all of your Streaming/Webcasting needs, including critical pre-event items, and all necessary A/V equipment. We provide a dedicated team who will work with you to ensure your message and desired interactivity are delivered with success.

At Avtech we can also stream high definition (HD) content without the need to install any special software or equipment. High definition content has substantially higher resolution than standard definition.

Applications for live event Streaming/Webcasting include the following:

  • Internal Corporate communication
  • Shareholder messages and meetings
  • Conferences
  • Product launches
  • Keynote speaker deliveries
  • Press conferences
  • Religious services
  • Sport
  • Training

We provide all necessary equipment required for your event. This includes encoders, cameras, content delivery networks, AV equipment , lighting, teleprompters, and any other required equipment.

We offer various pre-event services for use with live webcasting, including web-page design, online registration, reminder emails for participants, and advanced technical inspection and preparation. We also offer post-event services including analytics to help you gather detailed and interactive registration and participation statistics.

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